Create an Organized Pantry

August 9, 2018 12:00 am

A woman organizing her pantryWhether you are moving or giving your home a refresh, reorganizing your pantry can be the perfect weekend project. When items are easily accessible and labeled, opening the pantry door can be a treat.

Here are some helpful tips for creating an orderly pantry:

Take Everything Out – Begin by removing every item and placing it on your counter. This will help you see the space you have to work with and then devise a plan. Group all like items together so you can take inventory and see what can be donated or thrown away.

Shelving – If additional shelving is needed, consider shelves no deeper than 12 inches. Items can become lost on shelving that extends further, creating clutter. Shelves can be placed at varying heights, depending on the items you plan to store on them.

Elevate Cans – Use bleacher-style shelving where you keep cans and jars. This will allow you to stack cans two or three deep on the shelf while keeping your full inventory visible.

Baskets and Containers – Organize items using containers and baskets to make things more visible and appear tidier. Place bags and boxes such as chips and crackers in baskets to keep them contained. Cereals, rice, pasta and other grains can be emptied into plastic or glass canisters and labeled for quick and easy access. For some great pantry storage containers, click here.

Label – A label maker can be your best friend when organizing your home, but a simple piece of masking tape and a sharpie marker can work just as well. Write the name of the sundries and the expiration date for a quick way to know what is on hand. View label makers here.

Use Floor Space Wisely – Place heavy items such as bottles on the floor of your pantry. Plastic crates can help keep these items tidy and upright.

Use Turntables for Spices – Spices and other small items have the tendency to accumulate in corners. By placing these things on a turntable, you will keep them organized and easily accessible.

For more excellent pantry organization tips, watch the video below: